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Gucci 3D

Summer 2011 is finally here, and the one great thing about summer, among the chic pool parties, and scorching hot nights out, are the movies. This Summer’s line up of blockbusters are one for the books, the big trend that is still the number #1 profit busting tool, is 3D.  Films whether animated or live action have become as much as a summer tradition as cocktails at poolside.  But sure, no one can really compare a chic poolside cocktail party to the casual blah movie theaters, WELL until now that is.

The over popularity of the 3D movement has started to “Blur” the lines of the movie theater can be. Seems like the chicness of summer nights have moved right into the Pop corn popping, ICEE sipping, movie theater. Has the movie theater become the new IT summer experience?

Summer accessories of design houses everywhere look forward to summer, due to their affordable add ones, after all if one cant afford the collection one can always purchase the hat, lipstick, and in the case, the eye wear. Gucci among other Major fashion heavy hitters have all unveiled their piece of the 3D movement this summer. 3D has finally blurred its way into fashion. Last fall Ralph Lauren, to mark 10 years in the tech industry, presented a Visual Art show projected on the facade of the flagship stores in London and New York, however it was known as 4D, by adding scent to the show. Burberry as well presented a visual show for its top costumers in Beijing
, the audience merging themselves into a room with cocktails in hand not knowing that the room consisted of four 3D LED screens, which had the capability to project holographic images, to not only present the collection, but allow their costumers to experience the collection in the form of, well, “an experience”!

The time of Three Dimensions and sometime Four, have hit fashion hard, so maybe there really isn’t any surprise about The Gucci 3D Aviator Glasses.  The number and rate at which these glasses are selling out make GUCCI the number 1 selling design house to make the Dimensional Trend a staple in movie theaters everywhere.

Like the rest of all things Fabulous in this world, the Gucci 3D shades, are not cheap. Many do see these reusable 3D glasses as tech extravagance, lets be honest there not exactly practical, for instance the first thing that pops right out at you, is the warning “NOT FOR DRIVING, DOES PROTECT FROM UV RAY”, which for me is an added plus to the luster of the purchase, So when asking the Gucci Sales Reps, ” Have they seen a trend in the way a costumer justifies this purchase?” answer: “Its Cool” and the other big one “Its good for the environment” god bless fashionistas everywhere for at least trying to justify the purchase,  ”I myself used the environment excuse”,

Who can resist them, The idea of technology and fashion is such a moment that may just thrust us forward to the next dimension in fashion, after all Ralph is already on the Fourth so lets see you will get to the Fifth. Movie Theaters everywhere this summer with its 3D blockbusters will for-sure be a busy season, and with GUCCI 3D now available, it will also be, the place to see and be seen, In 3 dimensions of course!

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