The Edge Of Our Glory

  From Best Buy, To Target, Walmart, even Starbucks, Lil monsters everywhere with money in hand are waiting with their passion for fashion, to purchase the much anticipated Born This way Album from Our Lady of GAGA. The woman who has seamlessly transformed a generation into monsters, who live for one purpose, to define themselves is clearly a phenomenon.

The Pop Icon of Gaga has finally risen to be the Star in the sky that every one on this earth is looking up to, even if its not by choice, the illumination of that star is very hard to miss. Which maybe is the secret that our Lady posses, the ability to illuminate aspects of our lives even if we choose to acknowledge them or not.  The anthem based album  is proving not only to be a soundtrack to the summer of a new decade, but the soundtrack, that to many  is helping them along the path of defining who you are, what you do, and maybe even what you wear.

The importance of who you are is the 1st step in acknowledging a path in life, The true talent is taking the aspects and putting them into song, after all why not!  Celebrities, singers, actors do not fascinate or to many don’t even captivate, what  draws us to the Gaga is the passion for all of us to Fashion our lives in a way that is tailored to who and what we are, individuals, in a world that is filled  with many different paths and roads in which we choose which ones to take.

 With the bullying, and hate crime news filling our news stations  with sadness and anger we take a step back, and know that at times we don’t feel like we have a voice, but when  united we pack a mighty punch, the undertone of the entire Born this way album is filled to the very last beat, with just that, UNITY for the sake of peace, Then and only then, is when a celebrity, fascinating, to use a platform with a mighty reach, to send a message of LOVE, Born This way, with no doubt in my mind, will go down  in history as an Album that will define the next generation of individuals, Viva La Gaga!  Born this way  is, in all respect, a HIT that the world NEEDED.

This is our time to Fashion our LOVE, LIFE and LIVE by the big trend that will take us to our edge of glory… JESUS is the new BLACK!  a fashion statement that Rings LOUD and rings TRUE”

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