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The Art Institute of Dallas had a very special guest speaker just recently, which to many students would not just be considered a fashion guru, but a Fashion Messiah.  Among the Dallas Elite, many do not have the time to speak to the aspiring students of tomorrow’s fashion hierarchy. Gary Jackson, or known to the small circle of which these students hope to be in, “JACKSON”.

Dallas TX, and its ever growing fashion market, hold Barney’s New York, located at NorthPark Center, as a fashion home base.  The Home to many of the known designers around the world, and up and coming Brands alike, are all present under one roof. The Housewives of Dallas will surely never lack in their wardrobes. Dallas, for so long, is known to be Neiman Marcus territory, but Barney’s New York posses something, or rather someone, that puts costumer service in a whole new playing field.

For several Years now, Jackson has been head of the Concierge at Barney’s New York: Dallas, from heavy hitter clients to the self made Billionaires, there is no task to Large or impossible when brought into hands of the ever “JACK” of all trades.  Within the lecture spoken to the students of the celeb clients, the collections, and the history behind Barney’s itself, the ever-impressive advice given to the students was a lesson that could only be taught by some one who lived it.

Jackson with Christi Wren | Lead Academic Instructor: Fashion Design, with Aspiring Fashion Design student, Johnathan Hayden

Branding today has become such a tricky little game. From Brand integration in places we wouldn’t have thought, to mass marketing of a product. However a Brand is not necessarily always based around a Thing.  The importance of branding oneself is probably the most crucial aspect of a career in the path of success.  As Jackson’s lecture moved forward, the students took notice that the Brand, in which they came to hear about, was not Barney’s New York, but rather the man who now was in the role of the educator; Jackson was the Brand of topic.  Brands today, especially in being part of the circus of fashion, leaves me, and everyone to wonder, Is there really room for yet another brand? Well in the attitude of the educator, “You Make Room!”.  As cut throat as our industry of fashion has become, the only way to be in the path of success is to break down the doors that we tend to wait to be opened for us. The power of a Name, especially one like Jackson’s is a path of success so many only dare to dream of.

         Coming from the east coast Jackson himself has experienced the ups and downs of the Biz, the one thing however that is still in tacked is a name, now under the red awnings of Barney’s.  Could it be the that most important brands that Barney’s New York carries are the people who make up the team, who not only sell you service, but sell you a persona unmatched by competitors? In Jackson’s case this is oh so true. Having the ability to market oneself based on a name, regardless of the field one might find themselves in, The term Name Brand in all reality has taken a whole new meaning in just that, a Name. A name that not only has a talent of all trades, but the ability to personify an image of the brand itself; we as individuals have become the brand that fashion is selling. In The words of Jackson, “Its not who you know, its who knows you”, which are very profound words that students everywhere need to hear in order to follow in that same path toward a success known only by Name.  The work ethics, the craft, the individual, are all key elements in the pyramid that make up a brand.

The students at the Art Institute of Dallas, are for sure making their statements with their craft as well as their larger than life personas, after all the packed in attendance, Jackson Lecture, was put together by an aspiring student who’s craft as well as Name, is proving to be a brand that will soon be a force, Johnathan Hayden the aspiring   fashion design student, already has proved the craft as well as “who knows him” by first name, at such an early stage of a career leaves no doubt his brand is off to a good start. Jackson, a Major player in the fashion circles of Dallas, Last year at the 2010 fashion & Lifestyle Awards, was honored among 9 other people we call influential and heavy hitter contributors to the Dallas fashion industry, some of the names included the likes of our Queen of fashion Heidi Dillon, founder of The Fashionistas, as well as Master Educator, John R. Conte, the Vice President of Education at Wade College.  So Many names so little time! fashion students everywhere are looking forward for all the next big names.

The 2010 Fashion Police Honorees for: The Fashion & Lifestyle Awards | “Jackson, Heidi Dillon, John R. Conte, Cordey Lash, Daniel Lewis, Susan Mikkelsen Pielsticker, Shannon Niehus, Ana Pettus, Chuck Steelman”

Brand names today, are no longer synonymous with what is stitched at center back, but rather the person who either sells you a garment or the lifestyle behind a garment. Barney’s New York: Dallas, is home to many brands, but it’s for sure that the number one selling brand under the roof goes by the name of Jackson.





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