Our Disney Dreams

 Disney for so many people is a timeless capsule that will forever hold the memories of a childhood long past. Year after year Disney continues to contribute to the imagination of children and extended the childhoods of adults everywhere.  It is always a wonder how this world of magic and fantasy would be without Disney. Film  after film, store after store, and of course Disney Parks, We live in a world where Disney is, and may just be a forever escape from reality, and allows everyone, from all walks of life to regress into a child and dare to Imagine. Anyone who has lived since the birth of Disney in 1928, posses a memory so filed away in our mind that it becomes very hard to let go of.

Nothing says this more than  The Disney Parks Ad Campaign, a series of photographs depicting very familiar faces,  playing the familiar roles we have all come to love and without a doubt Cherish. Annie Leibovitz the ever so renowned photographer, who has mastered the art of capturing larger than live images, and turning the pages of VOGUE and Harper’s Bazaar into Fantastical Fantasy Filled Fashion. There is no wonder why Disney contacted the fame photo Queen, to capture the realism of a world only known as fantasy.

Queen Latifah as Ursula

The most recent installment of the Ads  is proving the success of the campaign. As the interviews of the celebrity’s chosen to play characters that for many have special places within their hearts, they expressed a real dream come true. From Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony portraying Jasmine and Aladdin, to Queen Latifah playing the ever memorable sea witch Ursula. The photos are a long lasting testament to the legacy of Disney. Some would say that Disney is more than magic, it is a way of living a life through the dreams of your inner child. We as adults at times forget what its like to just dream.  Work, Stress, and life’s challenges all seem to come together to diminish the memory  of a moment in time in which we long for, the true dream is the live a life  of an eternal child. Disney has so brilliantly  captured this moment of all of us who cherish the ideals set by Disney.

Mikhail Baryshnikov, Gisele Bundchen, and Tina Fey as Tinker Bell

Leibovitz, as controversial and provocative as she has been known to be, it is clear that the project in-trusted to her lens, is capturing not just familiar faces playing familiar roles, but  capturing a moment in the imagination of adults who along with the rest of the world share the dream  of revisiting a childhood held so dear. When  looking through the Disney mirror of wonders, almost every major film studio, fashion house, and celebrity have all taken reference to the Wonderful world of Disney Dreams. No matter at any age, or status, from rich or poor, famous or infamous, one thing we all have in common is the dream, The dream to forever live a life of a child. For children are pure hearted and boundless in their imaginations.

Annie Leibovitz  has  mastered the art of not  just photography, but mastered the art of capturing the images we thought where long gone. Within each and every one of us, there is a Peter Pan waiting and hoping to return to Neverland, maybe one day we all may Live the Dream of Disney. “To Dare to  live  your dreams, is  a great  Adventure”

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony as Jasmine and Aladdin

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