La Donna Cosa Nostra

It has been said that, The Mafia strikes fear among the people who are known as ordinary. Those people which are known as ordinary is an obvious definition that is up to the reader, I’m sure we have all herd the term “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. The Mafia is defined of An organized body of criminal related individuals, funny how if you remove the word criminal you get the definition of Society.

Among the many organized groups we find ourselves in , we tend as society, to aspire to be with or to create an organized group within a certain type of Influential people. Another funny observation is, usually the people we look up to, or who inspire us to be whatever it is we desire, tend to intimidate us. Isn’t intimidation any other form of fear? Could we be those ordinary people who fear those we see as an Influential group of organized individuals? If so, how close do we follow their influences?

In fashion, there are so many influential groups from designers to stylist and of course the writers, But at the root of influence, who are these designers designing for, or who are these writers writing about, and who are those who dictate what style is? The hierarchy of society all seem to point to those women, those women of style, women of education, and above all Women of power, who like to be known as, The Ladies Who Lunch. Not exactly the MOB type wouldn’t you say, but oh so true.

 The ladies who lunch seem to be present in every major city in the world. Their Style, Grace, and all knowing ability to Distinguish the lines of who’s who and what’s what, continue to influences us, as well as inspire us to only hope to one day Aspire to their level. Much like the fashion world, circles run small. People, who are lucky enough to run with this crowd, seem to experience great things in life both personally and professionally. “The heads” of which we must get noticed by, may think of us in the future, in true Mafia style, I do you a favor; maybe you do me a favor one day, “even if that day may never come”.

We see this everywhere we go, Just recently I attended a small fashion show in the city, and what stood out the most was who was running the show, it wasn’t a fashion show producer, or a model-coordinator, but rather a person of very high power in the circle of which I run. Where they repaying a debt, or where they creating a debt for someone Else to repay? What was the real favor here? Whatever the case may have been, it is certain there was an offer that couldn’t be refused. Even though the show was a great success noticing the person of high power running a show was the real fascination.

The Mafia is of Sicilian origin, the true name of the Mafia is known in Sicily as COSA NOSTRA, which translates to “something of ours”. What that something is, who knows?, but what is known is that everyone seems to want a piece of it. The Ladies Who Lunch, to many posses something of value that they call their very own, maybe that something is Influence itself. Status is everything now days.

The Cosa Nostra way of life is very complicated, but the main purpose is power, The soldiers of a crime family will work they way up in anyway shape or form in hopes to one day be named the Successor of Their Don. Again in true Sicilian culture, The title of Don is given to the Mob Boss, could our organized little family of fashionistas have it’s own DON? Just like in Sicily where Don is a title, so is DONNA, Donna in translation literally means WOMEN, to pay an Italian woman respect one must refer to her as La Donna.

The Ladies who lunch are a small group of power, and authority. Their presence at a charity event may almost ensure the success of the charity. In the lines of fashion, their opinion may alter the looks of many designers’ vision. These organized groups, as graceful, as cordial, and as beautiful, are the modern day Fashion Dons. In the Costa Nostra of Fashion, Should we fear them or should we respect them?

Who’s to say, what we can say for sure however, is many of their words have at times ended the careers of some of the most prominent people in fashion, Maybe after all there is a little Criminal mind set within the La Donna Cosa Nostra

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