Positive + Platforms

The power of celebrity has always fascinated everyone on this earth. Doesn’t matter who you are in some way shape or forum we have followed the ideals set by a person known as a celebrity. From Oprah, Princess Diana, or The Real Housewives of everywhere. The power of having a platform that enables one to convey an image, a style, or a message is a true blessing. Celebrities from singers to actors to reality TV stars live a life in public. It’s no easy game to live a life of fame; after all in some cases we have seen fame deconstruct the lives of those who we call celebrity.

These ideas are extremely important when a cause comes to be in our hands that need to be spoken of and more importantly when action must be taken. HIV/AIDS as been an issue in this country since it’s media storm hit in 1981. In 2011 HIV/AIDS is proudly been renamed as a chronic illness, we have seen many advances in this world of the Positive living.

2011 also marks a big milestone for HIV/AIDS, this year one of the most famous and infamous diseases turns 30. In its 30years of being, we have seen deaths and life changing examples being lead by those who are know as celebrity. Since the early years of HIV/AIDS it has been stigmatized as a GAY death sentence, and of course the Deviant consequence of a sexual lifestyle. Since the discovery of HIV/AIDS or rather GRID (Gay-Related Immune Deficiency) which was the original name given in 1981, it has transformed us in ways that makes us feel we are the only ones that have this fear. Which is not the case, HIV/AIDS “Infects and Affects” us all.

When life decides to throw a curve ball your way, we feel the sense of being alone in a battle that seems to be larger than us. In times such as these we turn to those who may help us, or just simply distract us from life changing moments. We turn to those who may actually be the friend that is ready to listen and talk some sense into us; we turn to those who are known as celebrity. The ones who for as long as we have admired them, NOW, see them in a different light, we see them in the light of Help, the light of change, and of course The Light at the end of the tunnel. HIV/AIDS is an issue that through the years has slowly become a non issue. Everyday as we get closer and closer to a cure, we seem to notice how many people have stopped talking about HIV/AIDS. In some states, such as TEXAS, HIV/AIDS has even been considered a NON-MAJOR health issue in terms of state funding. The tides are starting to shift into a world of UN-Awareness. HIV/AIDS to this day has the highest numbers of people being infected everyday.

One thing remains however, That the voices are still out there, fighting for the ones who feel don’t have a platform. In times of stress no matter work, financial, or Diagnosis related, we must remember the loud voices of reason, the voices of those who we admire, the voices of those who we call Celebrity. As I write these words, we must remember two pioneers, who where among the 1st to voice HOPE. The late Princess Diana and the late DAME ELIZABETH TAYLOR, who at a time of crisis stood up and let the world, know they were equally affected. Celebrity’s play heavy roles in our society, The most important thing we need to notice is that they are just like you and me, expect they have in their possession a platform, a platform of reason, a platform of hope, a POSITITVE PLATFORM.

”Many thanks to the ones we call Celebrities for helping us voice our fears and above all voice our HOPE!”

“Special Thanks to Jill Zarin, Tyler J. Helms for using your POSTITIVE PLATFORMS”

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