As we prepare for yet another fashion season, and not the season which comes twice a year at Lincoln center, but rather the one that comes once of every four years in every state in America. As our nation’s current President announces his BID for re-election in 2012, the Obama campaign team no doubt is ready to use every Avenue to secure the most powerful office in our country.

The 2008 campaign was without a doubt a circus that of its own. The election of Barack Obama was one that will live on in history as one of the most historic and moving moments in our nation. It will also be known as the first time in our country the Internet played such a heavy role in electing someone to power. The Social Network has become the biggest voice of and for anyone who intends to speak their mind and pass along information. Much like fashion, the original word of mouth, the Internet had the capacity to reach many Americans and non-Americans on issues and political positioning.

Fashion has always played such a role in distinguishing sides using color, symbols etc.. Instead of wearable art, we turn to wearable propaganda, “Solicitation Chic”, you might say. The most provocative and controversial statements in history, where probably said without the use of words, rather through fashion, I’m sure everyone remembers Sarah Palin’s Bridge to no where t-shirt debacle. As outrageous as that may seem to most, it is the one common factor that ties this world together. We are communicators, whether in words or fashion we convey a message.

Americans especially, in the land of Free Speech, have always tried to evoke passion in anyway shape or forum. Much like the social network when words are worn, they speak on high volumes. Fashion is a state of mind, a representation of one’s own quality, quality of taste, quality of personality, and quality of one’s own beliefs. As cliché as it may be, “YOU ARE WHAT WEAR”. Fashion does not define who you are rather it defines what interests or motivates you. Fashion plays a major role in politics, some of these roles goes unnoticed, what does get noticed is the message. Much like Campaign bumper stickers the messages are usually clear, with simply reading two names on that sticker it evokes the idea of that individual’s position of power.

   Branding and marketing are the heartbeat of any campaign, With a brand, comes an image and by marketing that image comes the issues and agenda that the brand stands for and supports. That Brand today would be known as The White House, as bold as that statement may be, its true. Funny how in fashion, the term we use for a well-known brand is literally known as a house. Could it be possible that we are all, based on votes, under The House of Obama? Who knows what the 2012 campaign will bring. Will we see a re-election of a president or an election of new president? Let the fashion-STATE-ments begin.

One thing we know for sure this time around, is that this campaign will be missing one major fashion icon”, Sarah Palin, whether that’s a good thing or bad thing is up to you, who knows she herself may run. Like another famous term in fashion, Wear your heart on your sleeve, Passion is but of the mind, and i cant hardly wait for 2012 and see debates play out, FASHIONABLY SPEAKING of course.

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