Birkin Bureaucracy

A Bureaucracy is defined as a body of non elective government, how suiting is that, a non elective government or in simple terms, we don’t get to choose. The definition then follows to say that a Bureaucracy is also a policy making group, again in simple terms, “We don’t get to pick them, but they make our rules”. Well luckily enough we live in 2011, and some might say “to hell with that”. Even though different areas of the world still fall under these policies making dictators’ things have changed. Egypt took a stand after all. However, Bureaucracy is still alive and well, and we all fall victim to the policies they have set, as Madonna so eloquently stated, “We are living in a Material world”. Who would have thought Madonna as the modern day philosopher.  Yes, a Material world, we have finally surrendered to materiel well being.

Today’s standards have evolved into pure narcissistic materialism, as if that was bad thing! Today the standards that people tend to aspire to are based around things. Things such as cars and bags, or rather CAR and BAG lets un-pluralize that. One bag in particular, and one car which I will get to later.

The ever-elusive Birkin Bag. a jam-packed bag with secrets, and the power of captivation. The Hermes Birkin bag has been influencing women everywhere since its creation in the early 80’s. Named after actress/singer Jane Birkin, although some may have herd the “other” story that involved Grace Kelly, who needed a bag to hide a secret of her own. Who knows the true origins of this bag, I once had a teacher who said “In Fashion, Never Trust a Hand Bag”, from Dooney & Bourke to the Ricky Lauren Bag, and yes even Louis Vuitton, all have their hand bag urban myths. The Birkin however has had this power of creating an allure of empowerment, Empowerment only felt by the very elite.

For those not familiar with the Hermes Birkin, which I can say with some confidence that most of are familiar! The Hermes Birkin is an exclusive bag hand crafted to the highest level of Luxury, the Basic Birkin starts at $9,000, then there is the Birkin Crocodile leather which rangers from $20,000- $50,000, judging by the prices you can start seeing the influence of the bag, but there is one more Birkin Design, The final Birkin Bag is adorned with diamond encrusted hardware and made of the softest leather, this option of the Birkin ranges from $90,000 – $220,000, yes those are the correct prices!

The bag since the 1980’s has become a circle of society that has an apparent 2-5 year waiting list, The supposed waiting list like the bags themselves are equally alluring.  The Birkin waiting list has for many been a myth. In fact many who know about the bag enter Hermes with the intent to purchase on the spot, usually people who enter Hermes with the intent solely for the Birkin have more than likely never set foot in an Hermes store. The theory is that one must spend a few pennies in order to earn their way to  simply being suggested the Bag by the Hermes Sales team. Michael Tonello has even written about this theory in “Bringing Home The Birkin”.

Since the manifestation of power associated with the bag, it has become the entire purpose of the bag, as if the bag has developed a personality all on its own. The Birkin since has been known to be carried by the few who possess not just the  funds, but as well as the ability to personify the purchase.  Many who own the bag expressed the feeling of authority when carrying it.  Could this be the new standard of life?, the new finish line of the journey we call life?, The new point in which one can say I made it!.

Which brings me back to Bureaucracy, there is one finale definition which states “a system of administration marked by officialismred tape, and proliferation”, no wonder there is a waiting list for this bag. The Hermes Birkin like government has become the new generation of politics. Who has it and How did they get it, is the new Foreign POLICY?, have we found the new weapon of mass destruction? Or is it a weapon of Construction, the construction of a new world order. A world order that is completely surrounded not by the size of one’s wallet but rather the size of their EGO, after all the ego may get you a Birkin to put your wallet in.

Bureaucracy in any form is a source of power, power to act, power to impalement and power to receive. Funny how the world works, titles have been striped and stitched back together in a wonderful and elegant work of fashion-istic art.  The new world order now can be found at Hermes but be prepared to wait, not for the bag rather wait to be accepted into a circle of Bureaucrats who know no limit, the bag is just the cherry on the cake.

All this talk of a handbag, what about powerful men, with egos that don’t allow themselves to carry a hang bag, well there is something for them too.   Like everything fabulous on this earth, things come in pairs. That Car that was mentioned is the even more elusive Bugatti Veyron Hermes Ed., The Man’s Birkin, but like they say behind every great man is an even GREATER WOMAN after all to get the car one must get that Bag.

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