Social Reality

“The sun always shines in Beverly Hills, but not on everyone. everything might look perfect, but its not, its a land of make believe. This town runs on status, status can come from money, connections, fame, or even looks. You could be the toast of the town one day, and a nobody the next, it can all go away in an instant. But if you can play the game, There’s no where better to live”

 – The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

There is so much one can argue about reality TV, and yes most of the opinions are harsh, but like everything on this earth there is good in everything, and come on what isn’t there to like about The Real Housewives of everywhere!  We as a community and citizens of all things fabulous, have now been exposed to  all sides of these women who now dominate TV, we have seen it all, the sassy and the trashy, but  never less than classy.

 The Real Housewives franchise has become a cultural force that has impacted the airwaves in a major way. From Orange County to Beverly Hills, we follow a circle of women in their natural habitats, watching from a 1080p window. As for what we see, that’s the genius part. Among all the shows out there that show big-heeled women with larger than life persona’s and even bigger Birkin Bags, one thing stands out with this franchise, Social Reality.  It is a known fact that the human species has always run in tribes, or what now days we like to refer to as Social Circles. What we do, Where we go, Who we are with, and most importantly, what we Wear, are all part of the socialite equation.

In college we all learn no matter what field one may find themselves in is that, who you know will get you there, and what you know will keep you there.  What the Real Housewives Franchise documents is just that. Much like early man running in tribes, early man also was known as a MIMIC.  Till this day man or in this case WOMAN, are still known to follow the instincts of ancient times. The Major question and maybe the most valuable question on this earth is HOW, How is one to do this and do that. The real housewife not only depicts this, but also lifts the veil on both good and bad sides of this urban jungle we live in. What these women show is true sociology, no matter what class you find yourself in.

The study of sociology is such a crucial part of ones education, not only in the world of Academia but also in the general population of today’s world. One is always made to learn from others of how to act and react to certain things. Acting as a society in the world is the greatest teaching tool. The Real housewives teach these tools in the best way possible, using the teaching tool of OBSERVATION. Through observation one learns how to take certain qualities of themselves and blending them in a way to adapt or rebel from society. Essentially becoming a MIMIC. This is all human nature, we have seen it in high school with GLEE clubs, The Jocks etc….and circles such as these will always be present in our society. Watching other people act and react to certain situations in their world, may lead use to learn how to deal with situations in ours. After all isn’t that how talk shows became big.

Today, not only are we just talking of the situations we are witnessing them. In my strong opinion I feel these shows should be shown in schools that deal with the certain classes of people or certain problems. What’s even greater about this whole TV moment is much like being in many areas of the world; people act and respond differently. Cultural beliefs, views, and of course standards all vary depending on the area of which one is in, so it is only natural that the show would come in, what I like to call, “7 FLAVORS”. It is always interesting to see how people act and live in different areas of our country and not to mention how addicting it is. The Real Housewives is a work of shear genius. No matter how one looks at it still makes for Fabulous TV!

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