Tron City


I think every fashion guru, enthusiasts, and even people who strangely seem to think TRON is some form of fashion Rebellion, still celebrate the aesthetics of TRON.  Oh hell, the boy in me really wants to write about this…

TRON,amazing thrust forward in the world of fashion. Ever since the original 1982 film which for me is much more than a classic given that I was born in 1986.  My thought on TRON being such a trust forward is due to really it looking back on fashion…. well fashion circa 1982.

Fashion like many other things in life such as HISTORY and the occasional ex-boyfriend, fashion tends to repeat.  The idea around this film and its aura that it conveys is that sleek cleanness of a future still untapped. Much like the 80’s, the 80’s where all about what’s new and how to make it better.  Just like fashion’s little habit of repetition in things is also sending a message. The message that has been around forever really; A message that seems to only be understandable by us 80’S Babies.

The upgraded form of a world still Unreached or in old terms a frontier still waiting to be discovered.  The illuminated suits of the grid are the obvious cool factor. Those illuminated suits, the coolest thing to hit the big screen, and the only way to have really appreciated them was is in the 3D. The suites represents a source of identification in the film, Or rather the interpreter of the identity disc that is synced to the suit.   And there you have the new brain of the future, and its part of an outfit, Brilliance, I think so!

Taking that concept into the trend boards and runways is such an exciting idea, I cant help but think, is this the sleek road we have found are selves on.?…Have we gone from wearable art to wearable technology? Or has technology become our new art? Could digital innovation be our last frontier, if the answer is yes, I can’t help but be excited and I’ll the first one to get fitted for my suit!

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