Robert Chapa: A Metro Model

robert HSI’m sure you’ve spotted Robert Chapa ‘always’ at my side in the city. You’ve also likely spotted Robert’s graphic designs right here on Sean In The City DFW. Whether it be at fashion events, art shows, or the aisles at Target inseparable is an understatement describing us two. As best friends, we have been compared to Bert and Ernie, Oprah and Gayle, and yes even Cheech and Chong (cough). Our friendship has spanned nearly a decade now, and lord knows, a best friend doesn’t even come close to describing Robert. 

This year, Robert has become quite the toast of our city. Last May, his paper rendered  models of some of Dallas’ centerpiece structures landed the cover of the Home Design Issue of FD Luxe. His paper creations, for the longest time, have been kept behind closed doors with one mere admirer- me. So, I finally present my overdue interview with a creative force who happens to be my very best friend. We talked all about why he kept his paper talent all to himself, what his creative process is, and what’s in store for the second half of his trailblazing year.  Truth be told, I learned a lot more of my BFF, perhaps, even making this ‘ConversaSEAN’ among my faves, without bias of course!

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Luau In The City

Luau Sean

Its getting hot in the city. Clearly this isn’t news. Summer is in full swing and in spite of our rising tempts we have been relatively cool. I’m so thankful this blog is based in DFW and not Sin City where the temps have literally gone to hell. However, if you’re like me and sensitive to anything above 75 degrees, I got news on where you must be to cool down. With an iced coffee in hand and Blondie’s the Tide is High playing on my ear buds I’m happy to announce Mockingbird Stations Summer Luau Pool Party.

Come Tuesday, July 9th, join me for a pool party at The Lofts at Mockingbird Station. Enjoy complementary tiki drinks and bites courtesy of The People’s Last Stand. Plus, jams by DJ Blake Ward and pop-up shops by Lavo Collections and Relativity Outdoors. Sip, Shop, and Swim all with, well, Sean. For more info go to and be sure to Like and Follow so you don’t miss a beat.

Can’t wait to see everyone there and equally excited to have a ‘ConversaSEAN’ with all of you at Poolside In The City.


Nicole Crane 2: Soundtracking

photoMy pop-culture mind is gushing with glam in light of the much anticipated remake of The Great Gatsby. Truth be told, I may actually be gushing for the fact that Baz Luhrmann is at the helm. Moulin Rouge, Romeo + Juliet, seriously the term epic is an understatement for this man (at least I think so). What more, is his equally epic soundtracks which have become a staple of Luhrmann films. Dropping today, the overly hyped soundtrack of his latest film is now gloriously in our lives. Often enough, Luhrmann has used this crafted “fine-tuned” story-telling additive to each film, giving extraordinary of-the-now relevance. Jay Z, Florence and The Machine, and Beyonce covering Winehouse, again epic is an understatement.

In the past few days I have been power re-reading the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic trying to give my own imagination a shot of out-doing Luhrmann’s. Which I know come this friday will possibly be an epic-fail on my part. The music however has already encapsulated me in world of Art Deco merely lacking the income of Mr. Gatsby. The overly indulgent and overwhelming visual delusions I have had right here in my local cafe have only grown now with my iPod perfectly synced.

For as young as I can remember, I have oddly been attached to films and their soundtracks no matter their genre. I remember being transported to middle of nowhere America with Oh Brother Where Art Thou, to the sands of the east coast with Beaches, and a digital frontier with TRON.

Some of the best moments in film came from their marriage with the soundtrack. Whitney Houston’s Body Guard, really, need I say more! So as these tracks yet again transport me into a make believe world, I tapped local Music blogger Nicole Crane, Flannel Friction, to join me in a musical tour of Gatsby.

In a part two Q&A with Nicole, I ask, was the hype all worth it? Is the marriage of music and movie a good one? Our CoversaSean lead to a great discussion on the new soundtrack, some of our past favorites, even motivating us to master mind our own track list creations.

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Cody Amos: Artful Innovation

cody interviewLocal graphic designer Cody Amos has had quite the artful life in the city. I share a very dear relationship with Cody. Our personal  friendship as spanned over five years, and our evolution in our crafts were shared while attending the Art Institute of Dallas. Both of us members of the graduating class of 2009. Cody and I also share something else, or rather a special someone. Silver screen Starlet Arami Carrales is the long-time girlfriend  of this local art marvel. His talents have grown far outside the box, post college, even surprising  this fellow classmate.  His artful tools now include engineering,  accessory design, and product development.  However, don’t let these technical titles fool you, Cody’s artful aesthetics are shinning through each innovative product presented. Our talk on graphic artists now becoming big names in product design, not mention fashion, lead to a discussion of innovative ideas. Today, we chat all about his creative process, his passion for the outdoors, and a very special project in the works that will for sure spark the innovative artist in all of us In The City.  Continue reading